SOMA Breath combines the ancient Yogic wisdom of Pranayama with modern day science to create a multi-sensory experience designed to help you improve your health and fitness, heal physically and emotionally, enter deep states of meditation, and to act as a powerful tool in manifestation and spiritual practices.

SOMA Breath

SOMA Breath is a global movement with an international tribe of thousands of like-minded individuals dedicated to improving their health, their quality of life, and raising their Level Of Vibrational Energy (L.O.V.E.) so that they can live the life they always wanted.

The Renegade Pharmacist

When I saw patients who were not getting better, taking more and more medication, I noticed a running theme: they lacked the knowledge and resources to improve their lifestyles. I created detailed lifestyle plans, providing clients with simple food swaps, tools, and websites to support their specific condition(s). Within weeks, people were seeing huge improvements in their health, and with time, some were advised by their doctor that they could reduce or stop taking some medication completely.

I had the opportunity to share this nationwide, but when the negative impact on supermarket profits came to light, I was dismissed. I needed to tell everyone about this, so I became The Renegade Pharmacist, and I share all of my knowledge, advice, and tools for improved health on my website and blog.

Breathe In Beats

Breathe In Beats is a music collective renowned for their legendary conscious music festivals. Founded by Niraj Naik aka The Renegade Pharmacist, they will take you on a dance music journey that combines live and electronic music with their famous breathing techniques for reaching ecstatic states.

Ecstatica features music of different genres weaved into one magical moment for you to enjoy more bliss, connection and the peak human experience.


He trained in the ancient Indian science of breathwork called Pranayama. Pranayama literally means control of life force.. When you breathe consciously you create an electrical flow of energy through your body.

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